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Reviewed in Australia on 12 April 2019
This camera is exactly what I was looking for, it is small (about the size of walnut), customisable and captures good images and video. I first tried this out the box (after charging) with no wifi set up. By default it records in 3 min blocks continuously until the battery runs out (or your SD card). I also discovered that without changing any settings it records upside down to what I expected. In comes the APP..

The APP that you can download as part of the product is where you get the added value. You can completely customise the mini camera to your desired settings. In the APP there is room for expansion and the connection of several cameras. This is my first so I only had one to play with.

You can set up the camera to record between a set time, when a movement alarm is triggered or remotely from the app by pressing record when in live viewing mode. Another cool thing is that when you set up what triggers an alarm in the app, you can capture still images of the area when movement is detected as opposed to video and save on memory.

You are able to adjust the color settings and switch to black and white. The quality can also be changed from 4k to 2k and 1080p. I set mine to 1080p. There is some slight bending of the picture when in a confined space. I discovered that as with other forms of photography, light is an important element to consider when placing the camera. I had mine pointed at a door which had a lot of natural light coming in the window and it would effect the visibility of the picture through various times of the day, so something for you to consider when placing it.

The camera can record audio as well as video, but you first need to enable this in the app. The quality is suprisingly ok for a little device. (I would not use this feature to record your next music video though).

The battery life was a lot shorter than expected, I assume the wifi mode, high quality video and audio put a considerable drain on the length of battery life. You can however power the device from a powerbank while in use if you need extra time.

WIFI and Internet connectivity.
You can connect directly to the device via wifi on your phone to the device directly (without an internet connection). This is handy if your in close proximity and want to set it up or review footage. The device can also be connected to a local router connected to the internet (after entering your router password into the app). This is the best way as once the minicam is connected to your router and by extension the internet, you can view the camera footage from anywhere! I tried this out remotely and was able to see in real time the view from the camera and hear the audio (and trigger a recording manually). Word to the wise, before you go for this option, remember to change the devices password through the app so that others do not use the device to snoop on you.

Reviewing footage
You can review the video footage and alarm still pics on your phone (and save them to your device). There is also an option to receive alarm notificaiton alerts on your phone. I had this enabled at first and received alarm notifications on my mobile every time it detected movement, so it works, but it can get annoying if there is a lot of movement in the location it is set up. So I adjust the frequency of alarm notifications and it was better, but eventually turned it off. This would be handier if it was for a location with very little movement or at night. You can also pop out your SD card and read on your pc.

Overall for the price, this was impressive, the only down side is the battery life. I've given this 5 stars because of the value for money, functionality of the device and it has more than met my expectations.
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