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Customer Review

31 March 2018
Trying to avoid people at his party he sees Evie, but what gets his attention is the girl with her, when the look at he’s other parts of him start to warm, she’s dangerous, the kind that men will kill for.
When Willow sees Marcus she’s frozen by the look of him, and how he makes her feel.
Marcus and Willow decide to be friends and it works out well for them until Willow realises that she’s in love with him, and Marcus realises he wants more, but too late after Willow leaves telling him she deserves to be happy.
Years later when they meet again they realise they want to try, the chemistry is still there, that’s until Marcus gets news that has him pushing Willow away again.
Willow never gives up on Marcus and it takes a moment of clarity and some pushing from he’s friends to make Marcus realise that Willow owned his heart and he just has to hope that she’s still there for him to give it to. Their game of Not So Fast was one way to find out.
I love the part where we got some from Sebastian’s version in the story, and how happy she is about her boys finding love.
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4.2 out of 5 stars