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9 June 2019
The first short chapter of this book outlines the method. This bit is useful, if brief and general.

The remainder of the book purports to show how the method is applied by describing projects that the author has applied the method to. It doesn't. This is what drove me to toss the book into the bin. The author's first project was learning yoga. The chapter starts with page after page about the history of yoga. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE HISTORY OF YOGA. I want to learn how to apply the method you have described. The history of yoga doesn't matter. THIS IS CRUFT AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN CUT. There follows a lot of descriptions of yoga positions and so on NONE OF WHICH MATTER. I didn't buy this book to learn yoga. I bought it to learn how to acquire skills faster.

I skimmed the rest of it but it really seems that the first introductory chapter, which could have been published as a pamphlet, contains all the useful information in this book and the rest is padding.

Not recommended.
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2.7 out of 5 stars