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28 April 2019
I didn’t think LJ Shen could get much better but this book proves me wrong. There is soo much depth and emotion in Pretty Reckless you will not be disappointed, whether you’re new to her or an old fan.
In Pretty Reckless we get to see behind Daria’s Queen Bee facade. Her insecurities and jealousies, love and hatred, for those in her immediate family and in her friendships. We see her struggle to make the choices she wants to make because of these insecurities. The only person that she feels she can be entirely herself with is Penn and of course that only gives her a broken heart.
Penn is an angry kid, dealt a really crappy hand in life and only just getting by. This escalates when he has his first conversation with Daria, where they both put something horrible into motion. Fast forward 4yrs and Penn is now living with Daria and wants to make her life just as miserable as his has been, only to realise she already is. Penn slowly helps Daria to see the good things about herself but in his efforts to stay loyal to his family he ends up breaking her heart and his own as well.

I loved how LJ also gave us snippets of Jamie and Melodies view points, it helped a lot in coming to terms with how they all see each other. One of my favourite scenes is near the end when Daria and Melody finally make up.
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4.8 out of 5 stars