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Reviewed in Australia on 7 November 2020
Update 18/11/2020:
After a more thorough investigation, it appears that Switch has some sort of incompatibility with my home router's built-in firewall. The mere existence of an access control rule, even if it's disabled, prevents Switch from connecting to the internet. No other networked devices in our home exhibit this behaviour.
Apart from that, it works fine, no issues. As of now, my only problem is that I can't restrict Switch from accessing internet during night hours (to make it easier to put the kid to sleep). Strange and annoying issue, but not a big deal overall.

Original review:
Bought it for the kid as a birthday gift. It still works fine, most of it anyway, but after a couple of weeks the Switch stopped connecting to the WiFi. Depending on the IPv6 setting for the wireless network, it returns either a 2110-1100 or 2110-3128 error code. Tried everything the support pages suggest, unsurprisingly nothing helped.
Alright, I bought an Ethernet-to-USB adapter and plugged the Switch into the wired network. Should have no more excuses, or so I thought. Didn't work either, just gives 1100 and that's it.
Note that WiFi connectivity worked at first, and we were able to download a couple of games.
I am considering a factory reset now, but, if that won't resolve the issue, the Switch will essentially turn into a rather expensive brick.
After scouring the internet, it appears that connectivity is a common issue. Caveat emptor.
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