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Reviewed in Australia on 6 September 2018
Bo doesn’t believe he will ever have a mate due to injuries received as a child. He is on a slow downward spiral no matter how he tries to fight it.
Reike was blood debt promised as a 7 year old child due to an accident caused by her 4 year old brother to some really horrible Lynx gypsy types.
On her 23rd birthday she would basically be forced to mate three disgusting lynx males who would treat her as nothing more than a breeding machine. The only out is for her to find her true mate before then.
Reika runs and is saved by Bo who knows she is his mate.
Reika denies their mate status so that Bo doesn’t have to fight for her.
I loved how special Reika was and how she healed Bo from his childhood trauma.
Great how Bo got Reika to admit they were mates and he had the right to fight for her.
What nasties those Lynxes were, treating children that way.
Nice that Reika’s brother Ben also joins the pack.
I still am not liking this pack due to their DOUBLE STANDARDS of using women as PACK TOYS. The men will happily have sex with these poor women but would never think then worthy to be mate material.
I know Lindy gets her HEA in another series but it still rankles me the way these men talk about them and treat them.
I have read and reviewed these books previously but reviews admitted from the back of books seem to be missing.
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