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Reviewed in Australia on 2 January 2020
I'm enjoying this series, especially our MCs, Sawyer (Key) and Royce (Locke). Where book 1 was told from Sawyer's POV in 3rd person, this was told from Royce's POV in the same tense. I admit I wish it had been first person given there was no alternating POVs - I think that would have added a little more depth with our characters inner thoughts and feelings - 3rd person puts a distance there that I feel impacted this book.

The storyline for this book didn't jump as much as the first book in terms of the police investigations, allowing them to focus on one really big case, and this case overlapped the investigations that were being conducted on Royce's deceased partner, Marcus. Once again I enjoyed the realism of them hunting down leads that didn't lead anywhere, and having to work as a team with their colleagues to coordinate stakeouts and canvas areas. What did surprise me though was the number of times the Chief called Royce in to a scene without Sawyer - could just be me, but I thought partners attended together to back each other up, and always worked cases together? This just seemed odd. Same with the Police Chief being able to direct one of the Fireman with investigations when it wasn't sanctioned or run past the Fire Chief. Could be I'm missing something here, but it just didn't seem right to me.

I did like meeting Marcus's widow and family, and seeing Royce interact with them - we see a very different side to him when he's around Candi and the kids. I also liked seeing Royce and Sawyer grow closer as a couple and start to settle, but I also liked that they were still getting to know each other and figuring things out - it was realistic in that it wasn't immediately smooth sailing for either of them.

I would have liked to see more depth with Royce's family - the whole situation with his father and brother's was glossed over and left at a very high level, especially the stuff going on with Jace.

I also found that the end was rushed and left in quite an open ended way, even if it's not technically a cliffhanger. We have a new police chief (who we don't meet, but are told will run things differently, insinuating there will be trouble for Royce and Sawyer), Sawyer injured and in hospital facing a long and painful recovery, a tape from Marcus with his supposed confession that isn't listened to, a dead FBI agent who was linked to Marcus, and missing evidence from the last case Royce and Marcus worked together. That was a lot to leave open! Why couldn't Royce have at least listened to the tape? At least there was closure for Candi with the IA investigation, but we're just told that got closed in past tense by the old Chief, it wasn't something that happened on screen.

As it stands, I am enjoying the series, would recommend it, and will definitely read the next one when it comes out. I just didn't find this book as rounded out as the first one.
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