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Reviewed in Australia on 30 August 2019
I could not stand the movie of this and it had almost made me not want to try the book. I am glad I did take the leap in trying to audiobook version of this.

The audiobook skirts along the very razors edge between geeky/cool and completely cringey without falling over into the full on cringe at any point. The characters dialogue was pretty well believable of what someone like that would say in the situation.

The voice acting was spot on and compelled me to continue. The voice actors range of voices and accents perfectly suited each character and helped me to imagine each.

The story itself is a great story of triumph in the face of many set backs and challenges. Our hero is dismayed and frustrated, at times ready to give in completely to then rise again and continue on. The descriptions of the Mars environment are good but this is no Red Mars in regard to the description of the features, but this book did do a great job sticking to reality and the known science at this time.
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4.6 out of 5
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