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Customer Review

2 January 2019
I really like the fully flat surface of the screen, which is probably my biggest pro with this device. It makes it so much easier to clean compared to having the raised bezels which tend to attract dust in the edges and becomes tedious to clean. Having said that, the flat bezel does show fingerprints very easily as does the smooth back of the Kindle, so you may find yourself cleaning the device often to get rid of fingerprints.

I would definitely recommend getting a cover for this kindle, as the absence of raised bezels means if you were to drop your Kindle, there wouldn't be much of a buffer between the screen and the ground, especially on uneven surfaces. There is a very slight raise around the very edge of the device but it is very slight and I wouldn't rely on it to save your screen from damage. Also, this Kindle doesn't really have any grip built into the device, the back and front are completely smooth, save for the slight grip you may get from the material they use on the back (which seems odd considering grips would be useful when handling the Kindle around water). The sleek design does increase the possibility of accidental drops so a cover with texture would really help prevent that from happening.

The response time of this Kindle is excellent, with the current software that relies heavily on scrolling the kindle refreshes very fast. Integration with Goodreads is also fast and smooth. I also enjoyed the automatic updates to my Goodreads profile once I opened or finished a book and the ability to rate a book on my kindle as well as the integration of amazons X-ray feature.

It is a shame that audible isn't supported in Australia and I really think amazon needs to advertise explicitly that this feature is not available with Australian accounts because it makes the more expensive 32gb model a waste of money really. While I don't have experience with Audible on Kindle, I do feel like it's a feature that still needs work before it becomes a feature I would be interested in using. It doesn't support reading and listening at the same time, which I find pointless and would rather just listen using the app on my phone while reading on my Kindle.

The only thing I feel like this Kindle could really benefit from would be a physical button for the front light as if you're trying to turn on the front light when its already dark, you have to try to select the settings option on the kindle which is quite hard to do unless you've memorised its position on the screen.

All in all, this kindle really is a step up in features compared to previous generations, and the waterproof feature is something I'm really glad to have. While it's not free of all faults, they are very minor and I'd still recommend this device.
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4.4 out of 5 stars
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