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17 September 2015
I had the absolute pleasure of being a beta reader for this book and it in no way impinges on my review.

JL is a master at creating characters that get embedded in your psyche that they are all you think about. Have to put the book down to go get milk coz you ran out at the beginning of the day – you forget to buy the other three things you ran out of because all you’re thinking about is getting back to the characters because you don’t want them to do anything without you.

Friends think you’ve had a big night on the drink when really, all you’ve done is sit up till the wee hours with your kindle screen on the lowest brightness setting to allow your loved one to sleep but you just have to finish one more chapter.

This is what it was like for me. This book is broken into two parts. The first shows Indie and Carter while they are still in school and has a very YA focus. The second part is contemporary adult when we fast forward to see them cross paths again when they are in their early 20s.

Carter’s mindset is both confronting and frustrating. He allows the opinions of others as a way of permission to behave in a less than savoury way. He’s not all bad though. He meets his match in Indie. Indie is instantly likeable and she’s a strong heroine. She doesn’t accept the crap Carter tries to pull.

This book had me laughing out loud but it had my heart breaking. I wanted to reach through the Kindle and give Carter a talking too and but at the same time, give him a hug. Indie is the kind of heroine I like. She’s strong. She’s capable and she’s smart. Every emotion you can go through – this book will take you through them. You will feel like you’ve run a marathon and you will be gutted when it ends.

The supporting characters add so much substance and their subplot is just as captivating. This book is full of substance. The pacing is bang on and I’m sure it will have the hardened reader will blink the tears away.

I’ve read JL’s other books and this one, without a doubt is my favourite.
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4.7 out of 5 stars