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20 May 2019
At this price, what more could you ask for?
Usually, I use noise cancelling headphones, but sometimes you don't want something so heavy to carry around and run around with. These earphones are small and compact, and stay in my ear, and can be popped out of the case easily for an on the go trip. The case fits in my pocket well, and I'm generally quite happy with these.
They are decently bassy and punchy for their size, and the battery life is good enough given how small they are.
The microphone is there, and it can be a bit difficult to speak into it when they're on your ear, and others have said its hard to hear when I do. So, to get around this, when I'm on call, I hold one earphone to my mouth and speak into it.
I haven't had any issues with pairing or drop off, and the earphones overall are extremely great value and quality for the price for any sort of standard use!
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