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Customer Review

23 December 2018
Divine Captive – Content with her life, a crush on a handsome, unattainable actor, and her job as a veterinary assistant, Grace feels no resentment toward her gifted cousin and her equally talented friends. Then someone mistakes her as having abilities too and locks her up with the man of her dreams. Grace never thought she’d meet Liam Devine let alone share a bed with him, but that’s what her abductor wants. Intending to keep Grace and Liam under his control and using their powers to do his bidding, she knows it’s only a matter of time before he realises he’s captured the wrong cousin. But for Grace, there are far worse things than death.

I loved the way Grace thought of herself as ordinary but was then thrust into a world where she had to become more than who she thought she was to survive. In a situation that was terrifying she keeps her cool, especially when she discovers there’s also more to the people who surround her than she realised. I liked the twists in the story and how Grace stepped forward to claim her true identity when others depended on her.

Spirit Unleashed – Rose has been told she’s nothing, mundane, a nobody all her life and she believes it, especially surrounded by so many gifted people like her father. Now she’s little more than his slave, expected to obey his every command. It isn’t until someone sees her, really sees her that Rose begins to question her father’s choices, and when he dies, little nobody Rose discovers she’s someone very special indeed. And now someone else has noticed, and they want Rose’s gift for their own, and they don’t care who they have to kill to get her, especially Rose’s newfound friends.

The final book in this novella series brings about a wonderful conclusion to the Arcane Awakening series. Rose’s kind heart and her abilities bring the group together to fight the battle of their lives. Old enemies return and Rose, Grace, Andie, Angel, Celeste and Belinda must band together to save each other and the people they love. I’m sad to see this series end, but I enjoyed every story and look forward to Ms Nolan’s next series. :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars