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6 October 2018
I am enjoying my camera, it was fairly easy to set up however I did have a couple of issues:

*Instruction booklet - too small, very hard to read it - I did email support & they were kind enough to email me a PDF version of the instructions. I suggest putting a link to the PDF in the instruction booklet.

*Camera on WiFI - I can't seem to get my to work correctly on WiFi for some reason, it does run but when I loaded the camera app at work it wouldn't stream the video, I have it plugged in with the Ethernet cable and it works fine lucky for me where I have it sitting it's close to my modem.

*Alarm with motion detection - I didn't realise it had an alarm until I switched on the motion detection, it's a good feature however I can't have it set to that mode when I am home, as I found no way to turn the alarm off once it gets going, I did email support about this and they responded with a way to work around it but it was complicated & i couldn't get it to work.

The video footage is really quite good for the price of the camera as is the night vision, it's quite fun to spy on my cat during the day, he sleeps quite a lot :)

The App is easy to use, I paid for a subscription around $30 per year not too expensive for security. This camera for the moment works for me, I may at some point upgrade to something else, I would like to be able to turn the alarm off from the app instead of the way they suggest. Move the camera around using the App is quite good.

All round I am quite happy with my purchase.
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