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9 April 2017
The book is good, and it's a compelling, and honest narrative by Phil Knight. I admire his bravery in writing the book; he certainly doesn't come across as the most sympathetic of people at times.

That said, I only gave it 3 stars because the name is somewhat misleading. "Shoe Dogs", as in the book, refer to people obsessed with designing and making shoes. The book doesn't talk a whole lot about why Nikes are iconic. From the moment the company starts, The demand for shoes that Phil is selling exceeds the supply at hand, and most of the book is spent explaining how the company was built by bootstrapping (pardon the pun) and being in lots of debt. Very little time is devoted to talking about why demand was so high in the first place.

The book correctly attributes most of the design genius to Bowerman and Jeff Johnson. Phil was exceedingly lucky to assemble a team that worked well together without imploding (this in itself is incredibly rare). Personally I'd love to read a book by either Bowerman or Johnson.
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