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24 November 2015
Oh Lordy I do love me a Guild Hunter book. Honestly, have you ever considered out of all the books which one you would choose above all? if you could actually go inside, live in and be a part of a world? Because I have, and this is it! Out of everything I have ever read, I would live in these Guild Hunter books. I love this world, I love the characters, I love the conflict. I want to be an Angel. I want to dive into these books and drink in everything I can. I want in with this crowd!

I will be honest here and say that when I found out the next book was Naasir’s I was disappointed, I didn’t see him as a main character in the previous book. But I eat my words! This book was SO well put together that I just can’t even *FAN-GIRLING*. Naasir’s story was everything it needed to be, I am struggling to find a fault here. We got his love story. And while the relationship between Naasir and Andromeda was the main focus, Nalini Singh managed to include all the other main characters we want to see – without it having a direct effect on Naasir’s story. I don’t know if that makes sense? An example. Naasir is like a son to Demetri, we all know this, so while Demetri is not actually in this book, there is enough reference to him in Naasir’s memories that you can feel him through the whole story.

Naasir is funny, and playful and just built so well. Nalini Singh is an exceptional talent. I can’t tell you what Naasir is, that would spoil the surprise, but I can tell you that he is an amazing character. One of a kind, and simply, refreshing. Naasir is written with a childlike quality to him. The simplicity of his character so relatable and fun. It’s easy to be drawn to him. He definitely was not what I was expecting. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Andromeda. Bring on another bad ass warrior chick! Oh wait, she’s an angelic scholar.. huh, she’s an angel warrior-scholar who kicks ASS! I love Nalini’s heroines! Every time! No weak woman here guys, just some seriously bad ass ladies who know how to kick ass, and look pretty doing it. Andromeda is the perfect blend of sweet and tough. She is young and innocent but so strong and smart at the same time. Having grown up in Charisemnon’s court she has seen far too much hate in the world, but she has never let it stand in her way. She knows where her heart, mind, and loyalties lie. And I never had to question her motive. She is a superbly built new character who was the perfect fit as Naasir’s mate.

Nalini Singh has managed to build on her already established characters, and create new ones in this story, I can honestly say it felt so good to read, like catching up with old friends. While we have a new Archangel awakened – an ancient at that – and a war still going strong. The cascade is causing all sorts of problems for angels all over the world. As a side story through this book we float in and out of New York, just to stay in touch with Raphael, Elena and the rest of the Seven. I may be extremely hopeful but I do feel as though Illium’s book is being set up in this. I was under the assumption (I can’t tell you where this info came from because it was a while ago now) but I thought Venom was up next. But I could be wrong – Am probably wrong – As in this book we watched Illium go through the changes the cascade is causing on his body. We even get an epilogue of Illium at the end of the book – that really had me on the edge of my seat! As one of the most loved characters in this book series, no one wants to see anything bad happen to our Bluebell. So it was really nice to get a good dose of him in this book and hopefully that means we will get a Bluebell book in the near future.

The Guild Hunter books are my favourite Paranormal books – ever – if you haven’t figured that out yet, I am practically singing from the rooftops about this book. It has made me SO happy! I love everything about these books from the layered construction of the world and the strength of the characters to the beautiful cover art. The plot lines are always new and exciting, and things are always developing. When I finished Archangels Enigma I automatically wanted to pick up Angels Blood and start again from book one. I can’t quite explain the emotion these books hold. But they are such an enjoyable read that I would recommend them to anyone, even those who don’t often like paranormal fiction. I am so glad I got bored one day and picked up Angels Blood out of the paperback bin at my local book shop. I have truly loved every second I have spent absorbed in this world.
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