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Reviewed in Australia on 2 January 2017
I can say that I enjoyed the book and that it was well written. I have never written a review before but the anger I felt toward the mother, who wrote the book in the first person, needed to be voiced. I nearly gave up on the book several times because of my feelings about Ms Williams. My feelings are in no way about the subject matter, which is serious and sad, but how the book was about the authors need to be seen as the perfect mother and the victim of the case. I saw the book as a continued attempt to have celebrity status and genuinely not about her daughter. When the mother, Davina, referred to the McCann case and wrote that she had considered contacting them I wanted to scream. In no way do I lessen what occurred to Gemma, but Ms Williams knew where her daughter was, knew who she was with and her daughter was returned to her family within a week. How dare she even consider that the case has any similarities with the McCann family's continued despair,. I have great empathy for Gemma and what occurred to her and how it will continue to affect her life, but her mother Davina's reaction or statements throughout the book were self gratifying. Her comments about her feelings in the court room toward the offender was as if her child had been murdered. This book has been written to continue to keep herself within the publics attention and with no consideration of allowing her daughter Gemma, the victims sibblings or Gemma's dad Max and Davina's partner Paul and the people affected by the case to heal. I felt that it was a narcissistic attempt to get herself nominated as mother of the year. I finished the book but read it knowing that the victim was Gemma contrary to what her mother portrayed herself as in the book. I rate the book on how it was written and not how I felt towards the author.
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