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14 October 2016
Recently, I have found Russell Brand to be the only public figure I can relate to when it comes down to world politics and the awakening of consciousness. After watching his interview with Paxton and a fan-made compilation ('the awakened man) his words resonated with me on a level that no other ever has (certainly politicians).
This book contains information on how differently our society could work 'post revolution' and why it is necessary in our time. Brand has done his homework and put together ideas from great minds across the globe all working towards the same goal, a better, fairer system for everyone.
As an author he tends to veer off erratically at times, usually in a comic way which gives a lighthearted touch to some of the serious issues he addresses.
Overall I found the book engaging and informative, it is probably a biased opinion though as I was already sold on a revolutionary concept before reading!
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4.8 out of 5 stars