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Customer Review

13 October 2016
A Love Letter to Whiskey begins by taking us all the way back to the start of one of the most angst filled romance stories that I've read in quite some time. The start of an addiction, the start of B and Jamie.

"I knew he cared for her. But he was a slave to the way he felt about me. I knew, because I was in the same shackles."

If you've read that synopsis, seen the teasers, then you know this is bound to be one heck of a frustratingly complex story. It contains some sensitive subject matter for some. You may develop a serious love/hate relationship with this book. It hits you in the feels pretty good like that. My favourite kind of book.

"But as we all learn at a young age, what goes up, must come down. And oh how we crashed."

They're in high school when Jamie starts dating B's best friend, Jenna. And even though B saw him first, she shelves her own desires as best she can and settles for being Jamie's friend. And so an easy friendship forms between the two of them that only continues to grow more intense over time, along with B's addiction to Jamie. This book may start out with them being teenagers but it continues on into their adult lives. It seems that time was just never on their side.

"My heart was broken —completely, utterly shattered —and I liked the way that pain felt. It reminded me I was alive, filled me with hope that what we had was real —even if it had technically never truly existed."

The emotional whiplash was so brutal in this book that I'm still feeling it almost a week later. The characters are indeed flawed and yet they seem so very human because of it. I hated them and I absolutely loved them. Mistake after mistake was made as well as many betrayals. Hearts are broken numerous times. The devastation B and Jamie leave in their wake affects so many and I still just couldn't help but feel so loyal to these two and their addiction to one another.

I honestly could not peel my eyes from this book without severe difficulty. Not only was this one hell of a gripping storyline, Kandi Steiner’s writing seemed to amplify everything. So creatively poetic that it can leave you reeling, even after you finish the last page. This book absolutely wrecked me! And as a known lover of the anxiety inducing kind of reads, I can happily say that I loved every torturous moment.

A little advice from one angst lover to another would be to clear whatever plans you think you have when this book releases, reach for any personal vices you may have and hold on tight. This is one bumpy ride that you'll find very hard to disengage yourself from, even if you wanted to.

"Words don’t get written from a heart that’s never felt. They come from pain, from love, from unspeakable depths —and they were my only release."
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4.7 out of 5 stars