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15 September 2014
Well, Nick Trout isn't going to win the Pulitzer but I guess he knows that, he is setting out to write an engaging, light, warm, easy to read book and in that, he is successful. But for me, it is the animals that keep the pages turning, the human characterizations are much less successful. They don't flow as natural personalities and it is evident that the writer is having to work hard to make them real. The whole situation that Cyrus finds himself in seems so improbable and contrived that I finally ignored him and his problems and concentrated on the animals. And it is with the animals and their various ailments and personalities that the writer finds his authentic most natural voice. Hopefully with practice and experience (and perhaps a good editor) his characters and their lives will begin to flow as easily as his animal's and their very interesting diseases and foibles do. A nice, comfortable read.
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