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Reviewed in Australia on 31 March 2019
This was a great start to what promises to be an entertaining series. It was both heartbreaking, and also endearingly sweet. Asher and Geoff meet under horrible circumstances - Asher being the victim of domestic abuse, and Geoff being one of the cops who responds to the call. Asher breaks up with his ex, but his ex won't listen when Asher says it's over, leaving Asher scared and on edge. Geoff offers to help, having been in a similar situation, albeit without the physical side of thing but abuse all the same. Asher and Geoff have an instant connection, which soon progresses past just being a friendship, but what they now need to work out is whether it is because they genuinely like the other person, or whether it's a case of being on the rebound and the other being the opposite of their respective exes, and therefore 'safe'.

It was well written, and I liked that it was kept light due to their pasts being discussed but not shown. Even the altercation at the start of the book saw the cops arriving when it was past the violent stage. We still got enough detail to fill the gaps but didn't have to witness it first hand, which would have been devastating as I couldn't help but love both the MCs.

Their past relationships still haunt them, and having insecurities in a new relationship, especially in the situations that remind them of their exes, is natural. I loved that they both had support networks, although Geoff seemed to have a closer one than Asher. I was glad when Asher finally opened up to his team about what had been going on.

Geoff's kids were a great addition to the storyline, and while we didn't see a lot of them, they behaved like normal teenage kids - giving Geoff grief while he tried to protect them from some darker truths about his ex. Whether Claire should have behaved differently due to her situation is another story, and one I can't judge. I loved that she was so happy and seemingly secure in herself though.

The only bit I found rushed was the end and the resolution of their respective insecurities. We get their commitment to work on things together and to be open about how they were feeling - and it was done in a very sweet way - but then it jumps to the epilogue where it's 2 years later and everything seems to be going well. Don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful epililogue and fit the story perfectly. My personal preference would have been for the main story to show them working through some of those issues together, rather than it just telling us that they had made it work and we're in a good place. It seemed a bit of a gloss over given how those inseucurites had played out through the rest of the story.

I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to more in this series, especially if the same characters will continue to appear (please make this happen!).
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