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22 February 2019
Loved it! 💕 Loved it! 💕 Loved it! 💕

This is exactly what I needed to fall into after a hectic holiday to help with the blues. It made me smile, laugh and swoon and I want to know more and more. I couldn’t put it down, and read it in one sitting.

I loved each character immensely. Arden was someone I could connect with because of her quirkiness and planning. I thought she was sweet and entrancing with a wicked side. I wish I had her job! Gabe melted my heart. He is that guy that is your protector as well as your biggest supporter and best friend. He realizes before Arden does that they could have so much more if they took their friendship to the next level. It just takes Arden some planning and role playing to see where her heart belongs.

There are a few shelves you could rest this book. It’s a contemporary romance with humor, so a rom-com too. It could even be considered a slow burn story but once they do finally click, it is a quick conclusion. Don’t fret, as there are two epilogues that will give you a complete HEA and with the next book in the series being released soon, I think we will hear more about Arden and Gabe, as well as the new couple.
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4.6 out of 5 stars