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Customer Review

29 March 2018
Johann Hari has done it again: produced a very sane book on a touchy subject. Chasing the Scream is an excellent book about drugs. This book is excellent on the subject of depression. You can rely on this author to read the studies, interview the best people, synthesize the information intelligently and to present it clearly and engagingly.

His fundamental point is that for a variety of reasons we’ve been sold a pup re anti-depressants. He quotes Krishnamurti’s famous remark that it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to an unhealthy society. He leads us step by step through what’s wrong with our society and demonstrates that climbing rates of depression are in fact, an appropriate and sane response. Taking a pill - by and large - isn’t. As part of this argument, he explains why the “science” we’ve been sold on re SSRIs is in reality, very unconvincing. Big Pharma kept a lot of results (the less favourable ones) secret.

The final section concerns useful antidotes to what’s ailing us, and comes up with a few suggestions for changing our behaviour, including how we can think differently about our world. They range from private and personal things like meditation to the challenging idea - endorsed by President Obama - of instituting a universal basic wage.

This is a very important book. I’m going to recommend it all over the place. These ideas need to be shared.
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