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1 October 2018
You keep reading such stuff long enough, and eventually everything begins to sound like a repetition of what you have read in a book, or watched in some documentary somewhere. I have read almost all, if not all his books. Cant beleive that he threw in Asimov's "Last Question" into this book too. Its a fascinating catchy short story by Asimov, but it really gets boring when you are reading the "nth" book from an author and this story turns up for the umpteenth time.
Moving on....!
I eagerly purchased this one because I am his avid fan- infact his "parallel worlds" is one of my top recommendations as a starter for anyone starting their foray into this genre of science.
Unfortunately , this book is just a repetition of the content he has been penning in his previous books over last decade or two. If you are an avid hobbyist reader of Physics, cosmology, astronomy, quantum physics,quantum mechanics, etc., and AND ESPECIALLY if you have ALSO read his other books like Hyperspace, parallel worlds, physics of the impossible, Beyond Einstein et al., you will not find much new material- except how private companies will work with govt to travel into and beyond solar system.
From a common man's perspective, our technology is way too primitive to make any journey of that magnitude. Unless we invent some radical new ways of transport fuels -and safety- we are stuck on this rock called 'Earth.'
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