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Customer Review

8 October 2015
3.5 Stars!
I have mixed feelings for Affliction, I really loved Incandescent and the glimpses we had of Sy and Holly in that had me excited to read their book. While I loved the majority of the book there were parts that left me disappointed.
I'm not a fan of keeping anything to do with pregnancy from partners at all, this big secret wasn't revealed until 65-70% into the book, wayyy to long and drawn out. It gave the ending of the book a rushed feel. Holly disappointed me and she didn't seem like the fabulous Holly from the first book. Now I understand the trauma she experienced and I cant imagine dealing with something like that but I really wanted her to share with Sy after he proved he wanted thing to progress with her, he showed her how caring, in his Sy way, he was and how much he wanted her to find the light again. I know we got to see them bond after the reveal but it just took too long. Sy was justifiably upset with the length of time it took Holly to spill. I felt she could have been more understanding, especially knowing what happened to him in the past.
While I wasn't a huge fan of their beginning and Sy's behaviour, he certainly did grow on me the more we got to know him. What also baffled me was Sy couldn't picture having children again yet on numerous occasion he went without protection during the sex.... Say what!!! Even when Holly said it wasn't a safe time, they still didn't use anything! Bit hard to get my head around that I'm sorry.
When they finally got to a place where they were moving forward, I really got back into the book! It felt like the story made some progression again.
I am glad they got their HEA once all the drama was settled. I loved the last third of this book the most and I know it probably seems like I didn't like it and its all negative but I honestly did.
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4.9 out of 5 stars