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11 June 2019
Cowboys don’t have fake marriages
Jessie Gussman

Sawyer grew up with Georgia and her brothers. She always took care of Ford, her other brother Ty is a hockey player.
Ford finds Sawyer sick when he goes to check on him. They rush him to the hospital and find out he is very sick. Ford calls Georgia because he has to go out of town. Georgia has had a crush on Sawyer for years and when she finds out he is in hospital she rushes to get to him. She is greeted with an empty bed and blood all over, the patient in the next bed tells her he has made a great escape.

I enjoyed reading this book, although I did wish they would have spoken what was in each other’s hearts sooner. But then the story would have been much shorter! I do hope that the mother with all them children gets her own story and happiness.

I love this series. Looking forward to reading more!
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