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Reviewed in Australia on 25 September 2014
These two novellas are set in author Alastair Reynolds'  Revelation Space  universe. They are consistent with the technology and variants of civilization in his other books, but do not require knowledge of other stories or characters. Both explore large, intelligent artifacts left by the mysterious Pattern Jugglers.

In "Diamond Dogs" we join a team of explorers on an unusual quest. They must climb and work their way inside of the planet Golgotha's Blood Spire. As they progress through its maze, the puzzles they solve become more complex, that passages forward smaller, and the consequences more extreme. Once you start reading, it is very difficult to stop.

In "Turquoise Days" we encounter a planetary ocean which contains all of the building blocks of life. It can change those who swim in it. Sometimes it is hard to understand, let alone appreciate, the nature of the gifts it bestows on the swimmers. Or what they can be used to accomplish.

These are good stories, especially for fans of Alastair Reynolds' longer works in this universe. Readers may also enjoy 
Galactic North , a collection of eight shorter stories with the same background.
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4.2 out of 5
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