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Customer Review

20 April 2019
Editing and revision has polished this into a gem of a story of 183 effective pages. The presentation complements the authors efforts by excellent typeface, line spacing, layout, reduction of citations and notes to an appropriate font size that ensures novel like readability. The quality of paper permits an affordable price. Initially intended to comment on the cover, but it drew my attention and surely that is superb marketing. Timing of this first edition was very good. Well done all concerned.

One wonders why concentration of graphic design on fonts has been allowed to clog up the memories of the world’s word processors.

Believe that those representing Australia overseas would be aided by a copy of this readable story.

The final paragraph of the book states:

There are many reasons to be frustrated with Australian politics in the second decade of the twenty-first century, as we suffer our sixth prime minister in eight years, but our electoral system is not one of them. What the story of compulsory voting tells us is how very good we are at elections. We should celebrate it.

Hear! Hear!
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