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Customer Review

26 February 2018
Wow, what a great book. It’s always exciting to find a new Author that can grab your attention, with a thoroughly well written and entertaining story, and Blair Denholm has done a fabulous job. I quite enjoyed that the book is unpredictable, and it has some outstanding characters. You can’t help but like the main character Garry Braswell. His life is a bit of a mess, but this is what makes the story such a great book to read.
Garry Braswell certainly lived life to it’s fullest. He no doubt enjoyed alcohol a little bit too much, and there probably wasn’t an hour that went by in the day when he didn’t have some in his system. Alcohol certainly wasn’t Garry’s only vice, as he quite enjoyed cigarettes, gambling and drugs. He should have worked out years ago that he wasn’t very good at this gambling caper, as he rarely found himself in the winner’s circle. Hence, this is how he found himself in trouble, when he didn’t have the funds to pay back his bookie. Which is never a good thing for someone’s ongoing health. Especially since this bookie wasn’t the forgiving type, and he employed an ex-con as his enforcer, who seemed to enjoy inflicting pain and misery. Just when Garry thinks he’s getting his head above water, they start to target his wife Maddie. Even though he tries to get the federal police involved, he’s going to need to be careful not to end up in jail himself, or something far worse happening to Maddie. This is without a doubt a great story, and it’s definitely well worth a read.
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4.2 out of 5 stars