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Customer Review

27 May 2019
The moth and the flame ❤️

This book was my most anticipated read for 2019, BB Reid did not disappoint.

If you like coming to age, friends to lovers, characters with pasts, angst, twists and turns, plot twists after plot twist, secrets and lies being revealed then this book is for you.

We first meet Wren in the peer and the puppet. Wren’s story continues from that storyline. Wren sort of reminded me of Ever. I certainly didn’t see wren as the guy who is pictured on the cover. Wren and Ever are so similar which made me fall in love with wren so fast.

With this being said, if you haven’t read the peer and the puppet and you were thinking of starting the moth and the flame, then I would recommend you start with the first book as that book sets the storyline for this series.

Wren and Lou meet under such unconventional circumstances and their first meeting couldn’t have gone any better in my eyes. When these two meet they begin a friendship and soon become inseparable. The chemistry, the connection they have started to build as friends is crazy. I wish I had that.

I love how bb takes us on the journey of learning how they meet, what has occurred in their life to shape them into the people they are today.

When these two finally get together it’s explosive, it will make you gasp for air. The sexual chemistry is dialed up to 180. The build up is there and as the pages and chapters go by, you see the dramatically change and your just waiting for it to happen.

I guarantee you will fall for wren and Lou and will love their story just as much as I did.

Of course we see Ever, Four, Vaughn, Tyra, Jamie, Barbie and many more characters. I missed these characters so much and was glad to see them in this book. With that being said if I don’t get Jamie’s book next, I am going to lock myself in my room and cry clutching a bottle of vodka to drown my sorrows in.
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5.0 out of 5 stars