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Customer Review

23 April 2016
I had mixed feelings about this book. I adored the world Bardugo had created. It was luscious and tense (just like the book). What I wanted was more world building! I really wanted to find out more about Ravka, what surrounds it.

What annoyed me was Alina’s complete reliance on everyone around her to make decisions. She doesn’t question anything. She believes everything everyone says. For someone who was orphaned by the war and forced to grow up in a foster home, there has to be some sort of impact from that.

The love triangle is typical YA fare. She loves her childhood sweetheart. She meets the dark and broody guy. She thinks she loves him. But now she’s not sure. Who should she believe?

The story about Alina’s new found power and how she learns to use it is interesting. I would like to have seen a little more of it. The supporting characters are interesting and I would love to have seen the world around the Grisha a little more.

Our other main characters, the Darkling, and Mal, are total opposites to one another (as they should be for a love triangle!). Alina wants to trust them both, wants to believe that both of them have her best interest at heart. But unless Alina learns to trust herself, this series is destined to be another Twilight.

I sincerely hope that book two and three will see Alina grow as a person (I’m terrified book two will end up being another Insurgent-esque pity party). I will be checking them out to see what they’re like.

Overall, not a bad story, and a quick read.
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