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23 November 2018
I purchased one of these around two years ago prior to the Australian release. Although I had to fudge my home address initially to get all features, I was able to get it to interface with my Fibaro home system. This allowed me to use voice control with dimming lights, turning on exhaust fans, lowering blinds etc. It was easy to set up. Since then, it has come a long way and it's skills are increasing almost daily. The ability to select Spotify generated play lists via Sonos is superb: just by giving the album name and the location name of the Sonos speaker, it automatically starts playing the requested album. You can't do better than that! Its range of integrateable devices grows longer every time I look.
I of course bought a Google device also but it does not integrate with Fibaro in Australia. There is an unresolved problem.
I therefore prefer the Alexa device. The ability to use it as an intercom to any room in your house is excellent also. However, if you are looking for sound quality, then you are not being realistic as good sound (as yet) is not obtainable with tiny speakers.
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