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Customer Review

16 January 2016
I didn't want this book to ever end. It was a real 'slice of life' book, and I suppose that's the problem with such a story; we only get a slice when we want the whole damn cake. This is meant as a huge compliment to the author, who has created such a real life for these characters. I could have kept reading about their lives for years to come.

This book has real emotions, real problems, real women's medical issues and a very real discomforting embarrassment about said medical issues that had me squirming along with Jenn. But I am so glad that the author 'went there.' Like I've said a billion times already, it was real. Sometimes the realness in this book is a surprise when you come across it, but then you really appreciate it because you know the author hasn't shied away from telling it how it is.

I also loved the author's depiction of motherhood. It was beautiful and tiring and funny and sometimes gross, just like real motherhood. Sebby is absolutely adorable and made me nostalgic for when my own kids were that age (and given the tiring and gross parts of motherhood, that's saying something). I also loved the relationship between Jenn and Brayden. He is such a great guy, and he is great with Sebby, and he really 'gets' Jenn. That he was such a hunk didn't hurt either!

The writing is both simple and beautiful. The author has described places and plants and beaches in such a way that you can imagine being there and can almost feel the salt breeze in your own hair.

I will be reading more books by Lily Malone!
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4.1 out of 5 stars