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Customer Review

13 April 2019
Finding Victory gripped me in an unexpected way. I found it to have an unusual storytelling style, with 50% of the book being about the main couple Kit and Bobby and the other 50% being about family and setting up the boys individual stories.

Even though it was mainly told through Kit and Bobby's POV, what was happening to their family around them broke my heart. Jimmy's pain hit me so acutely, I had to take breaks from reading before I could delve deeper into the story. Part of me wished the series had just jumped straight into Iz and Jimmy's book, so I could just "rip off the band aid" so to speak.

Kit and Bobby's story was a whirlwind of wedding and fight preparation, with their love holding strong and never waivering. The adrenaline definitely gets pumping at the climax of the fights as Bobby competes to win his title back. I do love their connection and we can all hope for our own true love. As with their previous book, their chemistry was off the charts.

Overall I had more of an emotional impact in regards to Jimmy and Iz and I was wishing things didn't play out the way they did - It really did mess with me.
It was a mixed bag for me of enjoying the story, being annoyed, clutching at my heart and being unsure why there was another book from Kit and Bobby's POV.
I am scared to read the next book because I think it is going the break my heart.
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4.8 out of 5 stars