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Customer Review

10 January 2019
Andy’s just got out of jail and he hoped to see her soon, but Dylan makes it easy for him showing up right where he is. She wants the same thing she has for the last three years – a divorce that he hasn’t signed.
Dylan doesn’t want to admit but he gives her the same smirk that got to her years ago and he looks incredible, better since he’s out of prison. He refuses to sign the papers, being a thief was more important and she has to tell herself not to be weakened by him. Andy reminds her she never asked if he did it, but she can’t hear it from him.
Surprised that Dylan turned up and new exactly when he was out, yet wants nothing to do with him, his friend tell him, he got her once and has to figure out how to do it again, that simple.
Dylan is feisty and stubborn, and she tells him everything has changed, Andy shows her it hasn’t kissing her, but she leaves saying she can’t do it, leaving.
Dylan wants the divorce papers signed but he wants a week to make her fall in love with him, the only problem, he doesn’t know she never fell out of love with him.
Andy can’t believe that Dylan agreed to give him seven days, she has terms, but he knows he can win back her trust and love. One thing Dylan knows is Andy’s never lied to her, she knows he will wear her down, but she’s worried that she has something to tell him, that could change everything, it only took twenty-four hours the first time, but they both know the week is going to be a bumpy ride.
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4.8 out of 5 stars