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28 September 2017
I have to be honest, even though this book is a masterpiece I found 'The God of Small things' difficult to read the first time round. The clever writing style, moving back and forth in time and the unfamiliar Indian names made it a challenge. One other review I read likened it to a song or an album claiming the book had an undercurrent of rhythm, phrasing and structure and like lyrics to a favourite song, the phrases Ms. Roy repeats in the novel became short-hand... conjuring emotional impact, so when it appears later it brings full emotion with it. I think that is a great description... either way don't expect this book to fit into conventions of previous books you've read... it is utterly unique and very moving and worthy of many reads.

Set in India, this well written tale of love and relationships provides insights on the human condition, place and family. Relationships get even more complicated by societal pressures and taboos. The beauty of it rests in the fact that only the small things are ever said.... the Big Things remain unsaid ....
This is such a remarkable novel that focuses on the small things and moments that shaped the lives of two children. With politics, the injustice of the caste system and who determines who should be loved as the backdrop the end result is astounding.

Having read it once I have kept going back for more, it is so cleverly written it's like an onion every time you re-read it you peel back another layer. The flash back scenes slowly reveal the secrets that underpin the narrative.

This is a very sad and moving book, all in all, it's worth reading a second time. The story of Velutha was heart touching and the way the tragedy came together especially the last scene with the final words Ammu said to him were simply amazing...
I would recommend you persevere as it really is a very beautiful read.
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