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Reviewed in Australia on 9 July 2016
One of the delightful things for a reader of serial books is to return to old friends and catch up on their lives and loves since the previous book. Brtish author Peter Lovesey makes that particularly interesting in his new book, "Another One Goes Tonight", which is the 16 book in his Peter Diamond series. Diamond is a Detective Superintendent with the Bath CID and returns in this book - along with his team - to investigate a police car accident that has claimed the life of one of the two men in the car. The other one was badly injured. A third man - clinging to life - was found a bit away and Diamond, who finds him, preforms CPR and gets a whiff of life back in the man. A man who had been riding an electric tricycle. A man, who it turns out, was out in the night looking for hops. Not beer "hops" but, supposedly, rabbit "hops". Need I tell you that things and people and situations are a bit "quirky" in a Peter Diamond novel? In fact, everything and everybody is a bit off, except for Peter Diamond, who's the only non-quirky person in the bunch. (Though he does invent a cat...)

Lovesey's book can be called a police procedural because there are police and they are procedurally solving a crime. However, what exactly the crime is - possibly a serial killer - is not firmly established. Diamond wavers on and on about the case which he is charged with solving, though only he and his team members quite know what the possible crime is. We return to Bath and since a good novel teaches a bit as well as entertains, we learn a lot about railroads in that part of England. Most of the possible victims of the possible serial murderer were railroad aficionados and Lovesey takes us into their little world, as well as the world of 1920's dress designer Mariano Fortuny.

If you're the type of reader who enjoys quirky people and story lines and made up cats - and I am - you'll enjoy "Another One Goes Tonight". If not not, you might want to seek out a more conventional police procedural.
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