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27 February 2019
I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series and have been eagerly waiting for this second book. I can honestly tell you the short wait was worth it, I loved every heart wrenching, suspense filled second- front the first page to the last.

The start takes readers right back to where it ended in Kings Of Mayhem and your heart breaks for Cade all over again. But it’s nothing compared to the absolutely heart shattering scene when little Braxton finds out his father is dead, oh my the emotions flow along with the tears. (This is not giving anything away as it happened in book 1) and then when Abby says goodbye to her twin brother. This author really knows how to describe a scene so vividly, you feel like you are actually there as well.

The mystery and suspense throughout the story is extremely intriguing and puzzling, making you really think about the possibilities, I love it when it’s not a predictable storyline. This author is not afraid to sacrifice characters to create such an incredible story either, very bold.

Once again the sexual chemistry between the lead characters is off the charts. Their depth of feelings so deep and intense. Both Cade and Indy are everyday, normal people you can’t help but like and enjoy.

Underlying issues like handling grief, pain and anger are dealt with in very realistic ways, showing the characters to be life like and easy to relate to in all areas. The empathy you feel for them is real too because of the way it is written.

All I can say is bring on book 3!
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4.5 out of 5 stars