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Reviewed in Australia on 29 June 2019
Let me say at the start that I would have liked to have given this book 3 1/2 stars, and that I may be unfair in not giving it four. The writing was very good, as was the research, but while I admired Anne, Charles Lindburgh’s Wife, and her ability to learn to fly and navigate, I found it very hard to like her. As a young girl she was very ready to swoon over Charles, but just as ready, a little later, to adopt a very rational and unemotional approach to him. Admittedly, Charles himself was a very complex and prickly character, but I couldn’t help feeling he might have thawed if she had been more her own woman and shown her affection with a degree of confidence. I thought his confession at the very end, that he had always wanted to be her hero, was deeply poignant. Yes, he turned to other women in Germany, having three other families, which was a betrayal - but Anne herself had a longstanding affair while he was doing this, so she was certainly not blameless. Altogether, an interesting account, and I am glad to have read it, but probably won’t revisit it.
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