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Customer Review

10 May 2019
The Dating Proposal by Lauren Blakely is a contemporary standalone romance told in dual POV between Chris and McKenna. Quirky, geeky, funny, self-deprecating and with an awesome and hilarious animal cast, this story was everything I've come to expect from a Lauren Blakely romance. Humor and heat, snark and sexy times, and a whole lotta fun.

McKenna is a fashion blogger with a solid business plan and an engaged audience. She is looking to expand her follower base and make her content more relatable to males as well as females. Having just made it through the one-year anniversary of being dumped the day before her wedding she comes up with a dating plan and how to blog about it. When her best friends cat commits murder on her hard drive, however, she is forced to pause her plans and seek help. Lo and behold she finds Chris - the fixer of all things tech and a damn good looker too. Shame she doesn't want to get serious about dating, yet.

Chris has his own show on Webflix but his boss wants him to find a way to gain more female viewers and make his content more relatable to the female audience. When he meets McKenna it's like the stars aligned and sent her just for him. Shame he has a rule to never get involved with someone he works with because McKenna was made for him. From her classic games addiction to her awesome appreciation of all things food.

Funny and relatable with a slow burn and some great sexy time - I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
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4.7 out of 5 stars