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Customer Review

25 May 2019
There was something about this story that ambled along in an informative and light manner, that by the time you realised how critical all the information was you'd just received, you'd be just in time to either laugh, or fling the book against the wall. Percival Gynt and the Conspiracy of Days was a strange, sad, and wonderful foray into a relatable future through the eyes of Percival, and occasionally someone else's, about stopping an ultimate evil from destroying the universe. From a chance encounter with a beautiful woman on a train, it follows Percival as he unwraps a mystery, hog tied into a conspiracy. The rich characterizations, places, technology and overall sense of the writing can only have come from someone who was deeply creative or more than slightly unhinged. My only complaint is that the book is exceptionally long, and though I'm a voracious reader and don't mind long books, I felt some of the divulging of information could be cut back for a more fluid enjoyment. Having said that, if it were possible to give this book six stars I would. Witty, clever, funny, you never see exactly what's coming until Melbourne's pulled the rug from under you and you're free falling through space. A really great book.
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4.5 out of 5 stars