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22 January 2018
Snowed In With Death #1 - Just so silly, it's funny. A humorous whodunit filled with the egos of six private detectives and a young female amateur sleuth. Even with the disdainful PIs present, the young woman shows them up. Just perfect for a few minutes of humor filled relaxation.

A Fatal Frost #2 - Two stories in one. This book picks up where Snowed In With Death stops. The perfect breakfast opens the story! Another well written, quick murder mystery with our two characters from SIWD. The plot was interesting and kept the reader's attention; great for a lunch break or a few moments of relaxation. I contacted the author to review her books after reading the ones I had in my Amazon library.

Murder Beneath the Mistletoe #3 - An interesting story, a little more substantial than the first two books in this series. The characters are interesting, although one disappears without really knowing what's up with him. The ending is kinda cool, which of course is where the next book picks up.

Winter's Last Victim #4 - Picks up where Murder Beneath the Mistletoe stopped. These four stories are related in more than one way. Interesting plot, the same good and bad character types and a new member to Holly's "gang". Plenty of humor, along with a couple of surprises.

Death's Dark Horse #1 - A well written, suspense filled story with a unique and surprising character and many other interesting characters, along with humor thorough out the story. The plot is well thought out and the reader is kept guessing as to what is so specially about the main character: her job is surprising and you may guess at her animal. I guessed it but put it out of my mind and surprise I was right. I've read many of Ms. Loren's books and she gets better with each new book.

Penguins and Mortal Peril #1 - A good thriller. A well written, intriguing suspense with a well thought out, twisting plot and believable characters. There's interesting information about the zoo and its animals. Madi is an intelligent, caring person, especially with the animals, and takes loving care of the zoo. There's also humor; beware of furry pyschos. The animals are a good part of the story and some even have their own personalities. I finished the book in one sitting, immersed in the mystery. If you liked Blooming, you'll like this book, too.

The Silence of the Snakes #2 - Spellbinding! Ruby just gets better with each book she writes. A well written, intriguing suspense with believable characters and a plot that doesn't let the reader put down the book until the last page. This is a substantial story, not a weak cozy, that would make Christie proud to write. Don't let this series pass you by, they're must reads.

Murder is a Monkey's Game #3 - Another well written, intriguing suspense this time set in France. There's an interesting plot that holds the reader's attention, although a bit slower when compared to the previous two books. The characters are still interesting and the relationships between the characters are realistic and entertaining. While not necessary since each book is a standalone, I would recommend reading the books in order. Madi's story is continuously evolving and her growth as a character, too. I contacted the author to review her work many books ago.

Lions and the Living Dead #4 - Her best book yet! This is a substantial and intriguing suspense with a well written, fast paced plot and believable characters. The main characters continue to evolve and the new characters are developed enough to have weight. The descriptions and storylines are vivid and full. The dialog realistic. The story flows from page to page making it difficult to put the book down. I stayed up late to finish it.
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