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Customer Review

30 January 2018
I’m still in shock after a surprising ending that I did not see coming. I swear you could fit another book between the last chapter and the epilogue but that is neither here nor there... because Where you can find me has just rocketed up my all time favourite books list. The fact this is Fiona Cole’s debut novel makes it all the more incredible - as this book does not come across like a debut at all.

"God, this was the best kiss I’d ever had. He moved his tongue like a promise of things to come. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t care. It was a moment, my moment, and I was taking it."

Jack and Luella meet at a bar and their hot and steamy encounter is a new experience for them both - memorable, hot as all hell, and supposedly just a one night thing. The normally straight(er)-laced Luella King is a scientist and researcher and the night she shares with Jack - while unforgettable - is one she doesn’t think will happen again. But a chance encounter brings security expert, former serviceman and alpha-make Jack MacCabe back into Luella’s life and they decide to make the most of their second chance. That is until a serial killer becomes a top priority and what started off as an erotic romance novel quickly turns into an intense, intriguing romance suspense story that I could not put down.

I didn’t expect the twists and turns that Fiona brings in this book but I totally welcomed them. My jaw spent a good portion of the book on the floor - not only from the suspense and shock factors, but also the hot and steamy sex scenes. Jack and Luella are super smoking when together and the sexual explorations and journey they embark on is one I was truly fascinated and intrigued by. I will warn you, some of the scenes are not for the faint hearted, but they are worth every word!

Finally, the ending of this book may be a trigger for some - there are some truly horrifying scenes that you won’t see coming - but I feel that it was warranted in the storyline and Fiona did not add in anything for a shock factor. Jack and Luella’s story is one that you won’t be able to forget anytime soon and it’s definitely one of my favourite books ever!!

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