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Reviewed in Australia on 27 November 2016
1984 meets Escape from LA. This book is set in the not too distant future with America split between the free Right wing red states and the fascist coastal states. How that came about is that the country has split along political lines. Republican and Democrat strongholds look like North and South Korea. The author did let himself go with a bit of paranoia about the rest of the world refusing to trade with free America after the split. (In reality the rest of us are pretty tired of the left too) but the idea of the Privilege system is too fascinating for the left to pass up. (Basically it means if you are white, straight, and have a job, you are at the bottom of the pile, supporting everyone else's self esteem and needs).
The great irony is that the hero of the story is a man who makes his living rescuing friends and relatives from the fascist states. He is called Turnbull!
If you are not in Australia, the idea of a hero, much less one who helps people escape from the left, called Turnbull is farcical. Our Turnbull would be forcing them back to the socialists.
Still, a great read and a real warning. Especially in light of the Trump win and all the fascist protesting about it.
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