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Customer Review

16 April 2019
"As a mother of four children, I have to admit to having occasionally contemplated running away" I loved this quote from the author in her acknowledgements as I highly resonated with it.
I found this book easy to read and believable. A lot less contrived and predictable than "The thing about Clare", which is the other book I've read by this author.
"Postcards From A Stranger" takes a good look at human behaviour and the reasons behind our decisions, not just as mothers, but as humans navigating this world.
The one issue I took was around the way the main character is semi-"saved" by a romantic relationship, but in a way its a releif after so many men of poor character throughout the book.
On the whole I enjoyed the way the characters were a realistic balance of their issues and goodness, i.e. not purely good or bad but truly human.
I'm giving it 5 stars for a work in this genre, although it's not my favourite book ever.
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4.4 out of 5 stars