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Reviewed in Australia on 30 October 2018
Calder didn’t have anything to do with his father and Calder didn’t want anything to do with his father’s company, even when he said he was dying, it wasn’t until he says he’s selling it to Samuelson-Barnes Group, did he get Calder’s attention. Calder blames the group for death of his mother. He’s father feels he needs an assistant to help him, but Calder insists he doesn’t need one.
Calder knows he will have to tell his father no on the assistant, she probably hates him, and he can’t learn about the business with a sex-on-legs PA.
Heading out to drinks Calder is surprised to see Aerin there and asking why he was nice to her, she’s slurring her words, but he finds it hot AF, and it soon turn into a debate with her following him to the bathroom, the only way he can stop her is with a kiss.
They continue in the same pattern having angry sex, and both confused and she’s leaving in a month, it will never work.
Finally, Calder gets to talk to Aerin about the message she saw and explains that he knew it made her uncomfortable to date her boss, so he was going to fire her, she’s the realist thing he’s known. Aerin cuts him short letting him know she’s flying out, he’s known her two weeks, he can’t promise her the world telling him to leave. Changing her life so much is something her mother would do, she’s not going to uproot her life for him.
Aerin tells her parents what happened, they tell her she’s a control freak and you can’t control relationships, the chips have to fall, her dad tells her life is to short give him a chance, but she feels like she left something in New York and she knows what it was.
When her friend tells her, a guy left a letter for her she reads it, he’s done the one thing she can’t ignore he dared her to give him a chance.
Will they be able to make it work and have a normal life that neither of them ever had.
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