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Customer Review

1 September 2017
One of the most confusing and convoluted books I've read in a long time.
The synopsis for the book makes it sound simpler and more enjoyable than it actually is.
There's three guys vying for Anika's attention in this book, a really awkward and confusing dynamic between everyone.
Brady is the popular guy who she ropes into dating her to get the new creepy guy off her back. The true depth of his emotions aren't known until well into the book but then there's suggestion that he begins to like Anika's best friend at the end of the book even though he's been interested in Anika for six years and tells her he loves her at one point? Just...what.
Foster...man I don't know what the hell to even say about this character. He IS so creepy, and I find it really, really hard to believe how blasé Anika is about him apart from the occasional "stop being creepy, stop trying to hurt my friends". It's just not believable, if a guy spoke and behaved the way Foster did to me then I would be lodging complaints to the school and considering a restraining order. And the fact that he watches her without her knowing, both on her phone and her laptop...no. Not okay, not even if he was a good friend.
Mitchell...the crazy best guy friend that the female MC is oblivious to who but other guys can see but they never mention anything to her about it, then said crazy guy ends up flipping out in jealousy and hurting people and then gets driven away by the cops. Not an original angle and just added to the confusion.
The dynamic between Foster and Brady was so awkward to read, Anika was chopping and changing who she wanted here there and everywhere and the plot arc was so...odd. There was just no good reason for her to move away from everyone only for them ALL to follow her?
One of the guys needs to be taken out of the equation.
In the end, I was lured by the 5-star reviews, and left utterly bewildered about what I'd just read. The blurb doesn't really reflect the story that well; I'm glad that I read this on KU and didn't buy it.
Do not recommend.
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