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Reviewed in Australia on 5 January 2019
This is a pretty good music player. I didn't want to be carrying a smart phone or full size iPod while running and wanted a small lightweight music player that works with bluetooth in-ear earphones. The AGPTEK G15 fits the brief. I used this with Audiofly AF33W mk2 earphones. Comes with an armband. The software and keys are fairly intuitive. A micro SD card can be added to increase the storage available.

Once connected to a computer (Mac in this case) it was simple to create folders and upload a music collection. The device then found all the tracks and metadata and presented them accordingly.

One negative is that the bluetooth engine turns off in order to use the recording function. I didn't buy this for recording but it's a handy feature to have. Can record up to 48kbps/16bit. Seems that the equalizer doesn't work with bluetooth either, but with decent bluetooth earphones the bass was acceptable. It comes with a small silicone cover with a note to use this cover during sport. I assume from this that the unit is not weatherproof. The FM radio included in the device needs a wired earphone connected to use as an antenna.
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3.9 out of 5
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