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27 April 2019
Ria finds it strange that the new guy, Conner, was made a club Dom straight away, something was off.
Seeing how Ria responded to his kiss melting into him, she knows she’s a sub and it’s not a one-sided attraction, but he knows she’s worried about something not comfortable with letting men get close to her. Ria who was the opposite of everything he was looking for had his attention.
When Conner discovers her bruised wrists he’s not happy she denies it and still if firm she’s a sub, when he orders he to her knees, she doesn’t think, he knows she’s been trained, she doesn’t want this anymore, she would never submit again.
After telling them what happened they both agree that it’s time she lets someone else help. Sophie doesn’t want to trust or let anyone in, but Conner tells her when she’s good she gets a treat, naughty get her punished and he’s patient. The more time she spends with Conner the she realises she doesn’t want to lose him, but can she trust Conner with her past, will he have the patience to get past her walls to let her love and trust again. What happens when Conner finishes his job and has to leave, or will he work out she’s everything he wants.
“The Dom can punish her for disobeying him. But can the man forgive and love her”
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