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Customer Review

14 December 2017
Death's Dark Horse #1 - A well written, suspense filled story with a unique and surprising character and many other interesting characters, along with humor thorough out the story. The plot is well thought out and the reader is kept guessing as to what is so specially about the main character: her job is surprising and you may guess at her animal. I guessed it but put it out of my mind and surprise I was right. I've read many of Ms. Loren's books and she gets better with each new book.

Death's Hexed Hobnobs #2 - The story takes place a year after Death's Dark Horse ends. This book is amazing! I felt like I was reading a Butcher novel. This well written, action paced, suspense filled novel kept me prisoner to its pages. The plot twisted like an angry rodeo bull and the suspense never stopped, along with humor thorough out the story . The characters, while well thought out in DDH, become stronger and evoke all sorts of emotions from the reader. I can't wait to see what #3 is has in stock for the reader.

Death's Endless Enchanter #3 - This book starts right where Death's Hexed Hobnobs ended. Well written, filled with suspense and intrigue, humor and well developed characters with realistic dialog - (not stupid dialog). Although the book concludes the issues that arise in this book, it's a cliffhanger and the book doesn't end the way the reader would expect.

Death's Ethereal Enemy #4 - This book starts a month after Death's Endless Enchanter ended. Well written, intriguing with the suspense starting later in the chapters than usual, but making up for the delay. Still with humor, but some darkness appearing and new revelations as the plot twists and the pace picks up.

Death's Reckless Reaper, Prequel - An introduction to January. I'm glad I read Death's Dark Horse first, since the anticipation of discovering what her other form was well fed by the delay in revealing the truth. This little story starts with her move to Paris and her experiences with her first vampire marked for death and a twist. Read after Death's Dark Horse is my recommendation, if at all. The author said she was going to rewrite Reaper and make it 1.5 in stead of a prequel.
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5.0 out of 5 stars