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Reviewed in Australia on 28 April 2018
Teddy is living a protected life on the family farm. She's taking care of most of the tasks together with her grandmother Deirdre. Their days are all the same, filled with taking care of the animals and the property. This suits them both, until Deirdre hires someone to dig up her old home. Her father buried it when Deirdre was a little girl and there's something Deirdre wants to have. That's why she hires Will, an archaeologist. Teddy is supposed to help him with the work. What will they uncover?

Teddy and Will are digging up the past and meanwhile they are sharing their secrets. Why is Teddy living with her grandmother instead of having a life of her own? What happened to Deirdre in the past and why does she want to have the house uncovered now? Will spending time with Will have a positive influence on Teddy and is it possible for her to start thinking about a future again, can she set herself free?

The Cowgirl is a beautiful moving story. The main characters are all incredibly interesting and their personalities have multiple layers, that are fascinating because of both their good sides and their flaws. Teddy is a sweet girl. She cares about others and is kind and shy. She leads a secluded life and isn't ready to face the world again. Finding out why made me really curious and I was eager to find out if Will would make a difference in her life. Teddy and Will have a lot in common and I loved their instant heartwarming connection. They each share their vulnerabilities, which made amazing reading. I kept hoping they'd both have a chance to find happiness and couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to see where their story would lead.

The Cowgirl alternates between the past and the present. Anthea Hodgson writes about Deirdre's younger years, the most influential time in her life, in a great gripping way. Deirdre is an old lady now, but she's still strong and determined. I loved those two parts of the story, they're equally valuable and I was anxious to read more about each time in her life. I loved the family aspect, the combination of the stories of a grandmother and her granddaughter works very well.

Anthea Hodgson's writing has a lovely easy flow. Her vivid descriptions of the farm made it come to life in a fantastic way. It wasn't difficult to picture the surroundings at all and I fell in love with the setting straight away. Discovering more about the hidden house kept me on the edge of my seat. The Cowgirl is a versatile story that has many fabulous angles. I really loved this wonderful captivating book and highly recommend it.
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